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Doodle Daze Quilt

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Bolero                                                                                                                             Fusion

Artisan Spirit Dreamscapes

It’s hard to believe these are fabric panels!

Scrollscapes by Quilting Treasures

This is a line of beautiful blenders!

24362 T burnt orange24362 AS cognac 24362 D wild rose 24362 E parchment 24362 F evergreen 24362 G moss 24362 J ebony 24362 K gray 24362 KE stone 24362 L crocus 24362 O orange 24362 Q turquoise 24362 QW teal 24362 R red 24362 S sun 24362 V grape 24362 VJ magenta 24362 W indigo 24362 Y cobalt

Artisan Spirit by Northcott

20254M-580[1] 20254M-590[1] 20254M-710[1] 20255M-21[1] 20256M-38[1] 20256M-72[1] 20259M-39[1] 20260M-39[1] 20425M-24[1] 20425M-28[1] 20425M-39[1] 20425M-63[1] 20425M-73[1] 20425M-85[1] 20425M-99[1] 20426M-11[1] 20426M-73[1] 20254M-21[1] 20254M-27[1] 20254M-71[1]



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