Designer’s Gallery

MasterWorks IIIMasterWorksIII
  • Go from clip art to wall art
  • Personalize designs with specialty fills
  • Quilt at the embroidery machine
  • Create unique pattern arrangements
  • Create over 160 new lettering options
  • Add lettering with MasterWorks III exclusive fonts
  • Print design notes and patterns
  • One design becomes a masterpiece
  • Want to embroider now?  Choose a quick pick
  • Bold interface makes creating new designs easy
  • Easy digitizing at your fingertips
  • Customize designs with editing tools
  • Add custom-lettering to every project
  • Enhance your quilting with specialty features
  • Helpful tools
  • Included HoopWorks Software

EmbroideryWorks EverydayEmbroideryWorksEveryday
  • Sizing – Resize design down to 50% or up to 250% of original design; Stitches automatically change from satin stitch to satin fill stitch as needed when using lettering
  • Density Map and the Sweep – Review density on the density map before embroidering; Automatically find and remove hidden stitches
  • Merge – Combine multiple designs for a completely unique creation; Merge designs and fonts for completely original monograms or lettering
  • Scatter – Randomly arrange small designs to fill areas; Quickly embellish wall hangings, quilts and other large projects
  • Built-in Fonts & Circle/Spiral Text – Personalize every project with on of the 12 built-in letting styles; Use Circle/spiral text to uniquely arrange lettering to fit around designs; As the circle size is decreased, text spirals in on itself to create a swirling effect
  • Mirror X 4 – Copy designs up to four times for a unique mirror effect;  Create beautiful frames for home décor or quilt blocks
  • AccuQuilt Applique Library – Over 100 shapes work seamlessly with the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter
  • Built-in Applique Frames – Create an original applique design with 12 applique frames
  • Baste – Add a baste file around any selected design
  • Thread Editor – Create and edit your own custom thread chart; Mark threads from any brand to help keep track of the threads you have and those you need
  • Text Enveloping – Shape text using one of the four styles; Use text pathing to create a unique layout

EmbroideryWorks Advanced
(same as EmbroideryWorks Everyday but more)


  • Instant repeat – Repeat a design in a uniform pattern
  • Carousel – Arrange designs in a circular, carousel path
  • Stitch Perfect – Automatically adjust stitches based on fabric choice
  • Stitch Editor – Move, insert or delete stitches to fine-tune designs
  • Lettering and Monograms – 44 built-in fonts
  • Font Importer – Import letter design files
  • Built-in Applique Frames – Over 40 beautiful embroidery frames
  • Advanced Hoop Splitting – Pinpoint where design will split to fit desired hoop
  • Advanced Hoop Selection – Create hoops of various sizes for custom projects
  • Precise Position – Easily place designs in specified areas of workspace

Studio III – Design library softwareStudioIII

Complete design organization

  • Catalogs original artwork files, inspiration images and completed embroidery designs
  • Browse your designs, images and text files, even in zip folders
  • Keeps track of your designs for you and remembers where you put them
  • Manages your CDs, floppy disks and USB drives, and remembers what files are on each disk
  • Automatically create design notes about your embroidery files
  • Includes easy File Management tools for adding, deleting, renaming folders and files

Convert your designs to your format

  • Convert designs to and from most home embroidery formats
  • Convert a design to a bitmap file for re-digitizing, or for use on the web

Ultimate color control with ColorWorks

  • Add/Remove/Adjust order of colors and color stops
  • Simulate the embroidery – watch and control with forward or backward views to see how the design is stitched
  • Adjust the colors in a design, even matching threads
  • Manually sort and rearrange the color sequence

Find your favorite thread brands for accurate colors

  • Select a thread brand to convert from and a brand to convert to
  • Easily select the color by name, number, or by simply holding a spool of thread against your computer screen
  • Accurate color matching – even hard-to-match pastels

Basic editing with studio layout

  • Merge designs together
  • Rotate and size designs without stitch recalculation
  • Mirror designs

Quick design management tools

  • Color sort
  • Estimate the thread usage of your designs
  • Prints in 3D as well as a separate color page and crosshairs to aid in design placement

Project Advisor gives you advice for your project

Quilt LabelWorksQuiltLabelWorks
  • Fonts
  • Design editing features
  • Frames and decorations
  • Easy to use
  • Text editing features
  • Additional features – merge existing designs from your library

  • Endless font library
  • Creative font layout options
  • Fancy fills for all fonts
  • Quick prep for multiple projects